Birds & Butterflies 


Item Ref BD.4/12 A wonderfully sculpted Karl Ens porcelain Budgerigar, showing the beautiful modelled feathering in detail.  6.5" high & bearing the blue Ens windmill backstamp. 

PRICE 90 (U.S. $160)

Item Ref BD.2/10 Another rare Karl Ens Porcelain Model of a European Green Parrot, measuring 9" high.  Really well coloured with a reddish bead and greeens and browns on the body and wings.   Green windmill mark .


PRICE 160 (U.S. $310)

Item Ref BD.4/16 Another rare Karl Ens porcelain model - of a Swallow with wings outstretched.  Measures 7" high x 6" wide.  I have of these -

One model bears the old green Windmill backstamp & printed "Germany".(Small professional "invisible" restoration to tail) Slightly more blue than this photo shows -    PRICE 80 (U.S.$155)

Second model is perfect & bears green Ens flag backstamp  PRICE 90.00 (U.S. $140)

Item Ref


An unusual, beautifylly coloured pair of Green Woodpeckers, measuring 12" by approximately 9" wide.  They are well with modelled with sculpted brown fading to beige and creamy gold tail feathers on the wings &  bear the blue windmill backstamp.


PRICE  200 (U.S. $180)

BD.H/1 An unusual, chunky medium sized bird - a Cross bill, sitting on a highlky decorated perch.  It measures 6" high and has a very feint green Ens flag backstamp, impressed no 7383


PRICE 75 (U.S. $100)

BD.2/10 A rare highly coloured Ens Tropical Finch, (also called a Tanager Parrot) medium size, measuring 6 3/4 inches (17 cm) in height and 4 inches (10 cm) in width. Blue windmill backstamp.


PRICE 120 (U.S. $180)


BD.5/10 Another unusual exotic Ens - a Lapwing, finely coloured in greys black and lemon & measuring 7.5" high and bearing the blue windmill mark.


PRICE 100 (U.S. $160)

Item Ref BD.4/10 Another early Karl Ens Budgerigar showing very detailed fine modelling from this early period.  Very colourful with pink, yellows and blues, it stands 6" high by 4" and bears the early green Ens Windmill mark and green printed signature.  Very unusual! There is a very VERY small sliver of white "branch" missing from the end of the perch - which is not hardly noticeable under normal inspection. c1918

PRICE 100 (U.S. $150)

Item Ref. BD.6/03 An early and rare Karl Ens Green Woodpecker, measuring 9" high by 5" wide. This is beautifully sculpted, showing each head feathers individually and the delicate colouring throughout, bearing the early green windmill mark.   There has been a small professional restoration to the tail feather, this cannot be seen under normal conditions as it has been done so well.

PRICE 140 (U.S. $300)

Item Ref. BD.3/308 A very unusual Goebels bullfinch diving on  a branch with cones, measuring 2.5" x 3".  Goebels printed backstamp.

Small tip to end of tail missing.

PRICE 10. (U.S. $15)

Item Ref. BD.3/310 Goebels Wagtail, measuring 3.00" x 2" wide, bearing  printed W. Germany backstamp.

PRICE 30 (US $45)


Item Ref. BD.07 This time, an unusual Karl Ens Wall Long-tailed Tit, beautifully decorated in pink, pale ochre and black on a decorated branch with green leaves.  It measures 15cm wide x 12cm high. and bears the green flag backstamp.

PRICE 50 (US $75)


Item ref BD.5/32  Another Karl Ens British Bird, a Tawny Owl, measuring 6" x 3.25" and bearing the blue Ens windmill backstamp.

PRICE 60 (U.S. $100) 

Item ref BD.5/60  Another beautiful Karl Ens porcelain Owl,  a "Long-Eared Owl", measuring 6" high with the blue Ens windmill mark.

PRICE 60 (U.S. $100) 

Item Ref. BD.2010 A very rare Karl Ens Rose Finch, finely sculpted coloured with pink head & breast feathers and a brown back, measuring 18cm and bearing a blue windmill backstamp

PRICE 85 (U.S. $100)


Item Ref. BD.5/73 A very unusual blue Karl Ens Budgie, with his head tucked in and his tail out, measuring nearly 5" high by 6" wide and bearing the blue Ens windmill backstamp.

PRICE 80 (U.S.$120) 

Item Ref. BD.5/21 Another Karl Ens rare porcelain Butterfly in shades of blue and brown.  3.5" wide by 2.75"  & bears the early green Ens Windmill backstamp & printed green "Germany" mark.

PRICE 40 (U.S. $(72)

Item ref BD.5/27


A very unusual Karl Ens Butterfly, modelled as though it had alighted on a flat porcelain dish - could be used as a paperweight or just as a decorative ornament!.  The butterfly measures 3.75" x 2.75" and the  leaf decorated stand 4.75" x 2.75".  Bears the blue Ens windmill backstamp.

PRICE 20 (U.S. $50)

Item Ref.


Another Karl Ens colourful Porcelain Butterfly, measuring 3.5" x 2" & bearing the green flag backstamp.

PRICE 25 (u.s. $45)