Flow Blue & Blue & White



Item ref BW.H9/2401 Early Victorian Wiltshaw & Robinson (Carlton Ware) Flow Blue & Gilt, richly decorated reticulated dessert plate, measuring 9 1/4" diameter & bearing the blue W & R Crown mark backstamp. This is a very beautiful flow blue plate, with the rich cobalt blue lavishly decorated in gilt. Dated circa 1897.

Price 225 (U.S. $325)

Item ref BW.8/308 Set of 3 Wm Adams "Chinese" pattern jugs in reducing sizes of just over 5", 4 1/2" and 4". Dated circa 1930s. All carry the Adams "Chinese" backstamp.

PRICE 160 ($230)SET 3 jugs  LARGE 65 ($90), MEDIUM 55 ($75) & SMALLER 45 ($60) each

Item ref BW.8/305 Pair of HBPM "Eton College" pattern blue & white transfer printed plates, measuring 10" diameter. Date circa 1830.

Price 60.00 (US $80) pair or 35 (US $50) each

Item Ref


A very attractive Doulton "Nankin" pattern Flow Blue and polychrome "Imari" red  fluted edge bowl, measuring 9 1/2" diameter x 2 1/2" high. Flow Blue Doulton Burselm backstamp with moon shape, C1890.

PRICE 120 (US $180)

Item ref BW.8/293 Cork Edge & Malkin (1860-71) blue & white transfer printed plate showing "Royal Cottage", Windsor built by Nash for the Prince Regent. Diameter 9 1/2". C.E. & M "Royal" Cottage" backstamp in blue.

PRICE 42 (US $60)

Item Ref


A rare Deep Flow Blue Carlton Ware Hot water Jug in "Royal May" pattern with gilded bead decoration. 6 1/2" by 5", Blue Carlton Crown Backstamp, C1898.

PRICE 125 (US $200)


Item ref BW.9/11 An unusual shaped William Adams "Cattle Scenery" pattern fluted bowl 10 1/4" diameter x 2 1/2" high.  WA & Co Crown backstamp with pattern name.

PRICE 100 (US $180)

BW.99/0 A Selection of  Copeland Spode's "Italian" Patterns, all bearing the oval backstamp, dated C1930s.

Egg cups PRICE 20 each (U.S. $30)

Soup bowl & stand PRICE 25 ( U.S. $37)

Banana Shaped Dish (8" x 4") PRICE 26 (U.S. $38) (Glaze missing to very edge of rim in one small area)

Item ref BW.9/178 A 19th Century Willow Pattern Pearlware Pickle Dish, measuring 6" wide by 5" by 1 1/2" high.  Delicate leaf veining on underside of dish.  Small minor knicks missing to serrated edge of dish. C1840.

PRICE 50 (U.S $75)

Item ref BW.8/128 Another 19th Century Pickle Dish , again showing the Willow Pattern, measuring 5 3/4" by 4" by 11 /2" high.

PRICE 50 (U.S. $75)

Item ref


A Minton blue and white Willow Pattern divided Spoon dish, measuring 4 3/4" diameter & bearing the Minton Globe backstamp, c1895.

PRICE 30 (U.S. $50)

Item Ref BW.H8/1 A very large Flow Blue unmarked Doulton Shell Scalloped edge shaped Toilet Jug, measuring 11.5" high by 11" wide (unfortunately not basin to match!)

PRICE 130 (U.S. $220)

Item Ref



A very attractive Doulton Burslem "Arundel" pattern Jar and cover but unfortunately damaged.  Gilt finial lid with gold shading to enhance the blue flowers. 8" high by 7" wide and bearing the blue printed Doulton Burslem and pattern name backstamp.  Chips to the underside of the lid and the top rim of the jar has been re-stuck and chipped.  None of these notice because the lid covers the faults - still a very lovely piece.

PRICE 40 (U.S. $65)

Item Ref BW.4/9 Another rarer piece of Copeland Spode's Italian pattern, again dating about the turn of the 19th Century, a Cheese Dish and Cover, measuring 8.5" x 6.5" by 4.5" high.  Both pieces have the blue oval Spode England printed backstamp.   The cheese base bears 9 holes, allowing the cheese to breathe and the cheese lid also  has 4 of these holes, carefully added during the manufacture.

PRICE 125 (U.S. $262)

Item Ref BW.H/3/7 A Carlton Ware Flow Blue Cheese Dish and Cover in Peony Pattern, measuring 8 1/5" by 7" & bearing the Blue Crown Mark backstamp, Reg No 213522, Dated C1890.  Unfortunately both are A/f with small chips on the frilled edges of the base & cover and staining to the bottom of the cover, obviously caused by cheese use!  Still an attractive and rare piece.

PRICE 40 (US $64) 

Item Ref BW.4/10 Another rarer piece of Copeland Spode's famous blue "Italian" pattern - this type a butter dish that matches the previous much larger cheese dish.  The smaller base measures  6.25" x 5.25" but again has the 9 holes to allow the butter to "breathe".   The lid is flatter that the cheese dish lid and measures 5" x 4" and has one larger hole for the butter to "breathe".   Base has blue oval Spode England backstamp and impressed Copeland backstamp.

PRICE 110 (U.S. $190)

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