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The first in Carlton Ware's wonderful range of Chocolate Mugs - unfortunately the lids get damaged and lost over the years, so it is particularly pleasing to have a full set.  The lid keeps the Chocolate warm and then reverses to become a "coaster" to stand the mug in - clever!   This is one of the rare Chocolate Mugs in Lemon Rope Basket, measuring 4.75" high by 3.75" wide.  Carlton Ware "Australian" Script printed backstamp, with its own perfect lid!

PRICE 125 (U.S.. $210)

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Another of Carlton Ware's famous Chocolate Mugs, complete with lid in Green Apple Blossom.  The set is 5.5" high by 4" wide and the mug bears the black Carlton "Australian script" backstamp.

PRICE 115 (U.S. $225)

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Another similar Carlton Ware Apple Blossom Chocolate Mug with Lid, but this time in lemon.

PRICE 115 (U.S. $225)

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Lemon "Foxglove" Chocolate Mug & Cover, 7" high by 3 1/2". Carlton Script Backstamp.

One set - the cover has very small firing fault on underside rim showing as a small stain blemish which does not detract & there is small Sliver knick to the very undersize of the base of the mug. 


PERFECT SET 115 (U.S. $225)

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Unfortunately one chocolate mug does not have its lid, but fortunately it is in Yellow Buttercup, which is getting scarce!  Good condition other than crazing, consistent with age and pattern.

PRICE 95 (U.S. $175)

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They do not come along very often, and are always at a premium!!  Unfortunately this Carlton Ware "Anenome" pattern preserve pot, lid & stand, although in marvellous clean condition has a restored finial, although nearly undetectable! 4" diameter by 4.5" high. Carlton black "Australian" script backstamp.

PRICE 80  (U.S. $160)

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Carlton Ware genuine Crinoline Lady cruet set, comprising, salt, pepper and mustard pot /lid, sitting on the "lady" base in colours of graduating blue and green. Black Script backstamp.

PRICE 100 (US $150)

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Another cruet set, but this time with two matching egg cups and the clip-on green & black raffia  handle.   This lovely Crocus set is getting much rarer and comprises two eggcups in lilac - hand painted in deeper mauve to simulate the crocus flower colours & two similar in yellow.  A pepper and salt in matching colours, sitting on a bright green lustre stand and set off with a green/black woven clip-on handle.  Overall size approx 7.5" wide x  5.5" deep x 5" high. Black printed Carlton Ware script backstamp to the base.

PRICE 115 (US $ 350)

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A selection of Carlton Ware's famous Pink Buttercup - rarer than the very popular Yellow Buttercup & usually more expensive.   All pieces bare Carlton's black script backstamp.


Large Single Flower Plate 9" diam      PRICE 100 (U.S.$150)  

Small comport 5" diameter x 2 1/2" high PRICE 120 (U.S.$190) 

Cup & Saucer (Saucer small professional restoration) PRICE 50 (US $80)      

Small Pin Dishes  3 1/4" diameter  PRICE 30 (U.S. $40) &  one dish A/F 10 (small chip to rim)  

Item ref Blue CA.8/73 Pink CA.8/231 A "3-leaf" Hydrangea pattern dish in either the Blue colourway with pink flowers or green with pink flowers. 10" by 10", "Australian script" backstamp, shape no 2219.

PRICE 115 (US $165) each

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More Yellow Butter cup items -

Single Flower Plates 

Size 8 (8") PRICE 50 (US $100)      Size 6 (6") PRICE 40 (US $ 60)      SIZE 5 (5.5") PRICE 30 (US $59) 

Rectangular Bread Plate (7.25"x4.25") PRICE 50 (US $75)    

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More Yellow Buttercup items -

Large Double  Oval Bowl (9" x 6" & 2" high) PRICE 50 (US $90)            

Small Oval Bowl (7 1/2" x 5" x 1.75") PRICE 40 (US $75)                     

Large Flower Handled Salad Bowl(8 1/2" x 2" high PRICE 90 (US $140)      



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Another of Carlton Ware's Yellow Buttercup attractive items - a cress or salad drainer, comprising round bowl with indented holes for draining and under plate, bearing the Carlton Script Australian backstamp.

PRICE 75 (U.S. $110)

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Another Selection of Yellow Buttercup,  Teapots are sold.


Sugar Bowl 4 3/4" x 2 3/4" PRICE 50 (U.S.$ 75),            

Cup & Saucer  PRICE 60 SET (U.S. $90)            

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One of the rarer pieces of Yellow Buttercup by Carlton Ware, the Sheese Dish and cover, which measures 7.5" x 6.5" at the wides &  5" high.   The base carries the black printed Carlton Ware "Australian" backstamp.  Apart from the normal minimal crazing there is a very minor staining, mainly to the underside of the base which does not show.

PRICE 125 ($185)

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Green Water Lilly Bowls - 3 sizes shaped by double flowers with flower bud handles                                         Largest Size  -  10 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 2 3/4" PRICE 80 (US $120)          Medium Size  -  9" x 6" x 2 1/4" PRICE 60 (US $80) 

Smallest Size 8" x 5 1/2" x 2" PRICE 45 (US $70)

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A Green Water Lilly Cheese Wedge with Dome shaped Lid and flower bud finial measuring 8 1/4" x 6" x 4" high     

PRICE 130 (US $200)

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A Lemon Poppy Double Flower Bowl, measuring 11" x 8" x 2 3/4" high      PRICE 70 (US $110)
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A pink Water Lilly Creamer and Stand, measuring  5" x 3" high      PRICE 45 (US  $75)
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A rare Green Clematis pattern leaf shaped Dish, measuring 12" x 7", script backstamp. PRICE 80 (US $120)
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Large "Springtime" crocus Oval shaped Dish with side handle, measuring 12" wide by 7" & bearing the script backstamp. 

PRICE 75 (US $125)

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A very attractive high lustre Fluted Salad Bowl and Servers decorated with a mother of pearl finish and tomato decoration.  Bowl measures 9" diameter x 3 1/4" high & the servers are 8" long.  Black script backstamp.

PRICE 55 (U.S. $80)

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Very attractive, unusual Carlton pink "Poppy" Wall pocket, measuring 10" by 8 1/2", shape no 1746. Carlton black "script" backstamp

PRICE 150 (US $240)


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These are getting rarer and rarer nowadays! This Yellow Buttercup  Preserve Pot Set, comprises green base, preserve pot and lid, the pot being 3.5" inches wide and the saucer 4.75" inches wide.  Saucer bears the black Carlton "Script" Australian backstamp.   All in good condition with no cracks, chips or restoration, excepting the preserve pot itself which has a fine hairline, noticeable from the inside.

PRICE 55 (U.S. $95)

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