Carlton Ware Deco/Lustre/Handcraft



CD5/65 An unusual Carlton Ware Deco conical Dish in the rare "rouge Prickly Pansy" pattern.  This pattern is normally seen in orange and i looks much more luxurious on the rouge ground. 7" Diameter x 2.5" high.  Carlton Ware "script" printed backstamp.  A small chip on the underside rim has been professionally restored.

PRICE 150(U.S. $270)




This beautiful "Babylon" footed Dish is doubly unusual in that, not only is it on a matt ground, but it is on a gold ground and not the more usual green.   As you can see the enamelled colours and gilt drip down over the whole surface of the dish.   7 1/4  " diameter by 2 1/4" high & bears the blue Carlton Script  backstamp, pattern 4137.

PRICE 350 ($700)




This  very-Deco shaped "Babylon" pattern Vase is on the more usual green lustre ground.  It measures 6" high by 5 3/4" diameter and bears the black Carlton Script backstamp, pattern 4125.

PRICE 700 ($1000)




Another piece of "Babylon" this time on a deco-handled shallow footed dish, which shows off the "hanging gardens" pattern well.   The dish measures 10 1/4" long by 6 1/2" wide & 1 2/4" high. Some rubbing to gilt edge and top edge of handle.

PRICE 250 ($500)

Item ref CD.7/53 A "New Mikado" pattern Carlton Humidor on powder blue ground, complete with inside ceramic liner and brass screw fitting, pattern no 2728, measuring 4 1/2" high by 5" diameter. The brass fitting is rather rubbed but the ceramics are in perfect condition.

PRICE 90 (US $180)

Item ref CD.H2199 A Carlton Deco "Diamond" Shape Vase with the Sketching Bird pattern, no 3952 on a powder blue ground. This is an unusual shape as only the top is diamond shaped with the forward point of the diamond above the bird. Plenty of coloured enamels and gilt with a gilt frieze on the inside rim of the vase. Height 5" by 3 3/4" diameter. Black "Script" backstamp.

PRICE 260 (US $420)

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A piece of Carlton Ware that usually gets broken and discarded over the years, but which adds to the overall beauty of some of their larger bowls.   This is a flower insert on a dark blue ground with their chinoiserie (Mikado) pattern picked out in multi-coloured enamels and plenty of gold. Black script Backstamp. 4" diameter, 2.5" high.  There is a sliver off the very base of the holder which does not show from the top.

PRICE 25 (U.S. $45)

Item ref CD.9/26 Another rarer Deco pattern "Daisy" on an unusual deco shaped footed box. 4 3/4" by 3 3/4" by 2 1/2" high with black "script" backstamp and original paper label. There is a very small professional restoration to the very edge of the inside lid rim which is extremely hard to detect (and cannot be seen outside) and does not detract from this beautiful piece.  Crazing consistent with age.

PRICE 180 (US $310)

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A stunning Carlton Ware Art Deco Charger measuring 13" diameter in this bright and colourful "Autumn Daisy" handcraft pattern.   Carlton Ware black printed script backstamp.   (3factory  holes in back rim for hanging).   Crazing consistent with age.

PRICE 150  (US $ 300) 

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Unusual handcraft Art Deco Carlton Ware cylindrical vase in the popular "Garden" pattern, no. 3390.  this pattern is usually seen in the lustre version and the Handcraft shows up the flower colours even better, the hand enamelling being very crisp and bright on a variegated  matt green ground.  Height & width 4.5", Black Carlton Script backstamp with "Handcraft printed in black.

PRICE 140  (U.S. $250)


Item ref CD.H6/00 This small two-handled vase or cigarette holder shows off this Deco "Bell" pattern on a green ground  beautifully, covering the whole of the vase.  It stands 2 3/4" high by3" diameter and bears the  blue Script backstamp, pattern no 3786.

PRICE 250 ($500)

Item ref CD.4/14 A Carlton Ware Ashtray in a rare pattern "Bluebells" on a rouge ground.  Measures 4.5" square.  Black printed Script backstamp, pattern  no 3862.   Very slightly fading to rouge ground, not noticeable until close inspection under bright light.

PRICE 50 (U.S. $75)

Item ref CD.9/52 A side-handled Deco dish showing the "Bird & Magical Tree" pattern on powder blue with a gilt rimmed foot. 10 1/4" long by 6 1/2" wide, gold "Script" backstamp.

PRICE 100 (US $200)

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This twin handled Deco shaped vase in in the "Devils Copse" pattern, on a powder blue ground.   It is 5 1/2" high by 4 3/4" diameter.  The inside of the vase has a "mother of pearl" finish with a gilt frieze.  It bears the black "script" backstamp.

PRICE 225 (US $410)

Item ref CD.02/03

A Carlton Deco pattern "Paradise Bird" Stand on a matt gold ground with gilt and black cobwebbed decoration around the sides, 6" diameter, Script backstamp.

PRICE 45 (U.S. $75)

Item Ref



Another rarer piece for Carlton Ware - a Green matt "Feather tailed Bird" pattern on this luxury Wine Goblet with gilt Interior.  3 3/4" high by 3" diameter, pattern no 3355, Blue "Dunhill New York" backstamp.

RICE 100 (US $200)

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Another Deco pattern "Chinese Bird ", pattern No 3154 on an orange lustre ground. This small, fairly shallow  bowl is lavishly decorated with gilt and coloured enamels and measures 4 1/4" diameter by 1 3/4" high.  It carries the a "Fribourg & Treyer Oxford Retailer's backstamp Slight crazing.

PRICE 105 (US $200)

Item Ref



This powder blue bowl stand has three gilt feet and a gilt frieze running around the outside.   Diameter 6" x 2 1/4" high. It carries the black script backstamp.

PRICE 80 (US $160)

Item ref CD.0/180 Another deco pattern small bowl in "Fantasia" pattern, measuring  3 1/4" diameter by 1 1/2" high.   Gilt flowers & shrubs enamelled pattern also surrounds the outside of the bowl.

PRICE 80 (U.S. $165)

Item Ref


An outstanding example of Carlton Ware's Deco period, a Gondola in the "Bell" pattern, showing all the beautiful enamel colours and gilt on a matt green ground.   In absolutely pristine condition only very slight rubbing to one gilt handle.  The Gondola measures 13" wide by 5" deep by 7.25"high.  It bears the blue Carlton Ware Handcraft script backstamp, pattern no 3786.

PRICE 500 (U.S. $1,000)

Item ref CD6/128 Carlton Ware  Dragonfly & Spiders Web Powder Bowl and Lid on a green ground, 4 3/4" high by 5 1/4" diameter. Very minor graze to inside rim & minimal rubbing to gilt on rim.

PRICE 100 (U.S. $200)


3 Carlton straight sided Coffee cans & saucers - all have Carlton backstamp -

Left Eclipse (Patt1556)Set 50 (U.S.$100)

Middle Trees (Patt3553)  PRICE 40               Right  Strata   50 (US $ 85)  

Item ref CDH/98-00 3 more in "Rita" shape cans

Left   Sunrise  (Pattern No 2922)

Middle - Crooked Tree  (lustre slightly pale)        Right  -  Ivory Band 

PRICE 75 EACH SET (U.S.$100)

Item ref CDH/98-00 3 more - this time in the in "Moderne" Art Deco shape

Left - Ghostly PRICE 45 (US $80  Sold

Middle - Rouge PRICE 35 (US $60)    Sold            Right  -  Pale Green PRICE 35

Item ref CDH/98-00 3 "straight" cans -

Left  -  Bubbles (handle restored) PRICE 25  SOLD

Middle - Feathertailed Bird  PRICE 100  

Right -  Mikado  PRICE 45 (US $75) SOLD

Item ref



 "Rita" shape cans in lemon polka dot & caramel, straight can in blue lustre, "Moderne" shape (Deco) in pale turquoise and also Polka Dot.

PRICE 25 SET (U.S.$60) 

Item ref CDH/98-00 3 more Rita shapes 

Left Border Odeon PRICE 50 (US $100)   Middle - Ocelot (Patt  1022) 50 (Sold)              Right - Paradise Bird PRICE 100

Item Ref. CDH5/99 3 more straight sided cans

Left - Gallant PRICE 10 (saucer cracked)         Middle - Blue Lustre  PRICE 30               Right -  SOLD

Item Ref CD2/80 A Carlton Ware Gold Lustre Flower Insert which originally fitted in the middle either one of their Deco Velox Bowls or Mexican Hat Shape Bowls. Many of these have become broken or lost over the years, but here is one that has lost its bowl! Unfortunately the photo has washed out the colour which is a much richer amber colour.  4" diameter, Black Carlton Ware Script Backstamp.

PRICE 25 (US $ 70)



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