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One of Carlton Ware's early rare Victorian Claret Jugs in the blush ware "Cornucopia" pattern with plated ornate lid and handle, measuring 9.75" high & bearing the Crown backstamp, pattern number 1986.  The wonderful hand decorated flowers are enhanced with a cobalt lower rim with gold decoration.

PRICE 250 (U.S. $450)


cv6/3 This is probably the only early Victorian Carlton Ware Egg Cup Stand that has survived intact with its egg cups! The set stands 5" square and 8" high and comprises the fluted holder and four egg cups. Blue Carlton Crown backstamp.

PRICE 100 (U.S. $180)

Item ref cv.8/261 A lovely early Carlton Ware reticulated dessert plate in "Morning Glory" pattern on a blush ground with gilt edging. 9 1/4" diameter, bearing the "Crown" backstamp, date circa 1895.

PRICE 85 (US $16)

Item ref cv.7/191 A ribbed "scallop"" edged square Carlton "Blush" dish in "Cornucopia" pattern (unmarked) 9" square and 2 1/4" high.

PRICE 60 (US $100)

Item ref cv.0/15 An unusual Carlton "Blush" pattern Rosebuds & Garland Pedestal Rose bowl with original metal flower holder insert (the insert has seen better days!) Blue Carlton Ware "Crown" Backstamp. 6 1/2" high by 6" diameter.

PRICE 100 (US $180)

Item ref cv.H9/2401 Early Victorian Wiltshaw & Robinson (Carlton Ware) rare Flow Blue & Gilt, richly decorated reticulated dessert plate in the Carnation pattern. Measures 9 1/4" diameter & bears the blue W & R Crown mark backstamp & Rd no 30945. Date c 1898.  This is a very beautiful flow blue plate, with the rich cobalt lavishly decorated in gilt and the flowers washed in the soft flow blue.

Price 225 (U.S. $325)


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Another of Carlton Ware's beautiful early pierced dishes, but this time oval in shape in the Carnation pattern. The flowers and foliage outlined in gilt and the ground has a slight pink blush to the outside edge. 10.5" x 8" x 2.5" high. Blue Crown backstamp with registration no 30945, making this dish circa 1899.  Slight rubbing to the gilt edge & There is a minute firing mark on one pierce hole edge which does not go through to the other side & is mentioned for accuracy.

PRICE 100 (U.S. $180)

Item Ref av4/35 An early blush Carlton Ware Teapot with overglaze enamels and gilt beading in very good condition with only very minor rubbing to the gilt. 8" wide by 5.5" high, Clematis like flower, pattern no 2585, blue crown backstamp.

PRICE 95 (U.S. $175)

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A blush "Peony" pattern Salad Bowl & servers with cobalt blue trim, silver plated rim and server ends. Brown Crown backstamp, registration number 290283, pattern no 1649, dating it circa 1897. 9" diameter, 4 1/2" high. Some rubbing to silver rim.

PRICE 200 (US $290)

Item ref cv.9/188 Another unusual Carlton "blush" Rose bowl and insert in Rosebuds pattern, measuring 6" diameter by 3 1/2" high. Blue Crown backstamp with registration number 566829.

PRICE 140 (US $200)

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This is a very unusual large early Carlton Ware blush Jug with metal original swing-top lid. It is so unusual the pattern does not have an official name - but I call it " Passion Flower" as the flower it most resembles! Height 8 1/2"  by 4" diameter excluding handle.

PRICE 140 (US $200)

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This is a very unusual Blush Art Nouveau fluted Square Dish showing "Nouveau Poppies" in a very William Morris style design. 8 1/2" square, Rd No 344147, blue crown backstamp, pattern no 888. Slight rubbing to gilt rim.

PRICE 90 (US $160)

Item ref cv.0/169 This unusual delicate blush pattern is called "Arvista" and is decorated in sponged gilt including the top and base border of pink and gilt flowers. Height 6 1/2" x 4 1/2" diameter, Rd No 246831, blue crown backstamp, pattern no 1928.  Body in very good condition, but lid is "shoddy"!

PRICE 75 (US $120)

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This is the only known example of a very a rare pattern!   We are calling it "Honeysuckle" because  the Gilt tube lined flowers and foliage are Honeysuckle with white beads and gilt lace decoration.  (Unfortunately the photos do do the not pick up the beautifully decorated flowers justice.)  The handle is cobalt blue with heavy gilding.  It has a metal swivel lid.   6 1/2" high by 4" diameter.  It has the earliest Carlton  W & R "swallow" mark, pattern number 1601.

PRICE 150 (US  $270)

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Another early blush Wiltshaw & Robinson Carlton Shallow Bowl in an unusual "violets" pattern, delicately outlined in gilt.  The blush ground deepens towards the outside where the moulded pattern is also outlined in gilt.  Rubbing to the outside gilt edging, consistent with age.  Measurements are 12" long by 9 1/2" wide by 2" deep. Earliest Swallow backstamp, Rd 224145, dating it c1890.

PRICE 80 (U.S. $180)

Item ref cv.0/85 Another early unusual  Wiltshaw & Robinson Carlton Ware Blush "Chrysanthemum" pierced dessert plate, measuring 9 1/4" diameter.  Blue "crown" backstamp, pattern no 878. 

PRICE 125 (US $250)

Item ref. cv.H1/02 Early Wiltshaw & Robinson Carlton  "Art Nouveau Poppies" Hot water jug with original metal swing lid, measuring 6" high by 5" wide.   There is a very small piece missing from the rim where the swing lid pin slides into the rim.  Blue crown backstamp with Rd No 315257, dating the piece c1900.

PRICE 75 (U.S. $115)

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A very early, unusually patterned, Wiltshaw & Robinson Sardine Dish and Cover in Carnation pattern on a matt blush ground, measuring 7" by 6" by 2 3/4" high. Decorated snail knob to lid.  Minor rubbing to gilt and nibbles to frilled edge of base.

PRICE 65 (U.S. $100)

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This very beautiful trio are in a pattern called Diadem that I have never seen before and resembles blue Cornflowers or Chrysanthemums, each petal outlined in gilt.  All of the flowers and leaves are also heavily gilded as are the lacy flower and bead  borders, & the teapot's handle and spout, giving an overall very rich, luxurious picture.  The larger 8" wide by 6" deep, the smaller 7" wide by 5" high & the hot water jug with pewter swing lid 5" wide by 6 1/2" high.  All bear the blue early crown backstamp, pattern 1650. Dated c 1890.

PRICES - SET    250 (U.S. $680) 

Large Teapot - 100,Smaller Teapot 80,        Hot Water Jug with Swing Lid 100. 

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An unusual patterned (Mixed English Cottage Flowers) early Wiltshaw & Robinson (Carlton Ware) blush hot water jug with cobalt & gilt decoration, measuring6 1/2" x 6" wide.  Blue Carlton crown printed backstamp, pattern no 17951/2.  The hinged metal lid is not the original lid. 

PRICE - 70 (U.S. $130)

Item ref cv.H6/01 A  
Item Ref cvH6/25 An unusual Blue Chrysanthemum pattern Square scalloped edged dish with gilt decorated mouldings, measuring 8 1/2" square.  Small tight hairline to one rim which does not detract from its attractiveness.

PRICE 5 (US $30)


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An unusually shaped large Oval Shallow Dish in the Rose pattern on a blush ground with green edging.  13" long by 8 1/2" wide by 2" high. Blue Carlton Crown backstamp with Rd No 313937.  C1998.

PRICE 40 (U.S. $90)

Item Ref cv.0/140 A very rare Carlton China plate in the Crown Derby pattern in Imari colours with rich gilt decoration.   9" diameter.  Carlton China black backstamp, pattern no 4658. C1910.

PRICE 40 (U.S. $90)


Item Ref cv.9/146 An early Wiltshaw & Robinson "Poppy" pattern china plate measuring 9" diameter and bearing the blue Carlton crown backstamp, printed pattern name and RD no 157102.  C1890.

PRICE 20 (U.S. $40)

Item ref cv.95/60 A very early Wiltshaw & Robinson Chrysanthemum pattern Salad Bowl with plated silver rim together with plated silver servers and matching pattern china handles. 9" diameter by 5 1/2" high, brown earliest Carlton swallow backstamp, Rd no 187323. C1890.

PRICE 100 SET (U.S. $200)

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A rare early Wiltshaw & Robinson Salad Bowl & servers, the unusual Summer Flowers pattern having each flower and moulding , outlined in gilt. The servers following this pattern with gilt decorated knobs and moulded handles. Bowl 9" diameter by 5 1/2" high, blue Carlton crown backstamp with RD 227816, C1890.

PRICE 140 SET (U.S. $255)

Item Ref cv.H2/20 Another early 19th Century Wiltshaw & Robinson Carlton Ware blush large shallow ware bowl with unusual peach fluted ribbon and scalloped decorated edges & the Chrysanthemum pattern.  9.5" long x 7.5" wide x 2" high.  Bears the Crown Backstamp, registration nos 249870 & 236722 for pattern and shape.

PRICE 45 (U.S. $80)

Item Ref cv.4/36 An early Carlton Ware blush Tea Pot Stand in a pretty Victorian pattern of feathery flowers and leaves with gilt beaded decoration.   A collection of these Carlton teapot stands are easy to display and very attractive. The gilt is slightly rubbed & there are 3 slight plate hanger grip marks on the back of the plate where the glaze is rubbed.  Measures 6.5" diameter, Blue Carlton Crown backstamp, pattern no 2585.

PRICE 25 (U.S. $45)

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A classy Carlton Ware "Tongue & Ham" dish for supper meals in white china with plain gold decoration,  22" long by 7 1/2" wide.  Blue Crown backstamp.  Very slight rubbing to gilt rim of base dish.

PRICE 40 (U.S. $65)

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