Item ref MC7/472 Moorcroft blue Anemone pattern small bowl, discontinued shape and pattern, dated c 1989. It measures 4 1/2" diameter by 1 1/2" high. Moorcroft printed impressed backstamp.

PRICE 90 (US $120)

Item ref MC7/458 Moorcroft "Coral Hibiscus" pattern small bowl by Walter Moorcroft (discontinued 1979) with "By appointment to the Late Q Mary" paper label. The bowl measures just over 5 1/2" diameter by 2" high.

PRICE 90 (US $135)

Item ref MC9/39 The "Florian Yacht Vase" (now infamous because of the problems they had making this vase & never fulfilling the limited order). A numbered Edition, limited to 1997 only. Shape 100/9 1/2", Limited Edition Certificate No.1104 signed by John Moorcroft.

PRICE 325(US $530)

Item ref MC9/149A Moorcroft Passion Fruit Vase shape 65/6", discontinued pattern. Moorcroft impressed backstamp with impressed Jug date coding, 1998.

PRICE 150 (US $240)

Item ref MC9/149B "Lamia" pattern Trumpet shaped vase, shape no 87/6, unfortunately now discontinued.  Height 6" Impressed Moorcroft backstamp, c1998

PRICE 150 (US $240)

Item ref MC98/6 Moorcroft 1998 "Royal Tribute" Limited Edition Large Vase (400 issue) designed by Rachel Bishop & Wendy Mason. Shape 4/10 (height 10") Many coloured large Clematis flowers & foliage on a deep purple ground. Moorcroft printed backstamp with "Numbered 6 of 400" printed on base.

PRICE 880 (US $1408)

MC25/06 One of Sally Tuffin's most popular patterns, a real investment for the future as this lovely pattern was  discontinued in 1994. A Moorcroft Blue Finches large ovoid vase, measuring 6.5" high and nearly 7" wide.  A stunning vase, the wide diameter showing the pattern well.  First quality, normal crazing for age. Moorcroft printed backstamp, C1989.

PRICE 355 (U.S. $640)

MC36/06 Another of this popular discontinued Moorcroft Blue Finches pattern, and getting harder to find at is has now been discontinued for some years.  This huge Charger shows the pattern beautifully, measuring 14" in diameter and is in good condition with only normal crazing showing on the back.  Printed Moorcroft backstamp.  First Quality.

PRICE 355 (U.S. $640)

Item ref MC0/182a A Moorcroft Millennium Limited Edition of 50, "Geneva" was designed by Jeanne McDougall, issued in only two shapes and this small vase features the rich exotic flowers on shape 393/4.   Height 4", Moorcroft Limited Edition Backstamp.

PRICE 250 (US $360)

Item ref MC0/182 The second shape in this Moorcroft Millennium Limited Edition of only 300, "Geneva", designed by Jeanne McDougall, features the rich exotic flowers on shape 122/8.   Height 8", Moorcroft Limited Edition Backstamp.

PRICE 480 (US $700)



Item ref


A rare William Moorcroft Special Edition "Spike" pattern vase, measuring 7" high by 4 3/4" inches at its widest.   Impressed backstamp with date code "iron" and personally signed by BA Wilkes 9.5.98.

PRICE 270 (U.S. $400)




A 1998 Collectors Club "Tulip" pattern large Jug, measuring  9 1/2" high by 3 1/4" diameter. Impressed backstamp with date code "iron" and painted MCC marks.

PRICE 250 (U.S. $375)

Item Ref MC99/40 One of Walter Moorcroft's prettiest limited edition Year plates for 1998, measuring 9" diameter and bearing the impressed and printed Moorcroft backstamp and year code Iron.  Edition numbered 603 of 750, printed on back. 

PRICE 145 (U.S. $240)

Item ref.


A large Moorcroft "Anemone" pattern Ginger jar on dark blue ground, measuring 8" high by 7" diameter.  Impressed backstamp with initials and date code "eye" for c1995.  Very slight scratches to the glaze to side of lid.

PRICE 225 (U.S.$ 375)

Item ref


William Moorcroft "Pansy" pattern vase on dark blue ground, measuring 3 1/2" high and bearing the Moorcroft impressed backstamp. c 1940@s

PRICE 210 (U.S. $375)

Item ref.

MC 0/71


Moorcroft "Finches" pattern vases by Sally Tuffin, on a blue ground,  measuring  4 1/4" high by  2 1/2" wide & bearing impressed backstamp & the "diamond" date code for 1993.  Pattern discontinued 1994. 

PRICE 150 (BLUE) (U.S. $225)  

Item ref.

Hibiscus MC0/34

Clematis MC7/461

Two small Moorcroft Vases on unusual lemon ground, the taller vase in Hibiscus pattern (c 1960's) measures 4 1/4" high by 2 1/2" wide & the smaller in Clematis pattern (issued 1975-1980) measures 3 3/4" high by 2 3/4" wide.  Both bear impressed backstamp.                                             PRICE -    Hibiscus 125 (U.S.$220)       PRICE  -   Clematis 125 (U.S.$220)
item ref


A small Walter Moorcroft vase in "Foxglove" (discontinued 99) measuring 4 1/4" x 2 1/2" wide, bearing impressed back stamp with "jug" date code 1999.

PRICE 140 (U.S. $200)

Item ref


Another small Moorcroft Ginger Jar in Clematis on a dark blue ground, the flower colours varying from lilac through to pink. c1980's. Impressed Moorcroft backstamp.  4 1/4" high by 3 1/2" wide

PRICE 175 (U.S. $ 260)

Item ref MC9/107 An earlier Walter Moorcroft Hibiscus" pattern on dark blue ground  dish c 1949, measuring 4 1/2" diameter with an impressed backstamp.

PRICE 110 (U.S. $165)

Item ref


A Moorcroft early Coral Hibiscus pattern Candleholder on a green ground. Impressed  Moorcroft backstamp.  Remains of paper label with W Moorcroft signature. c 1958

PRICE 85 (U.S. $125)

Item ref MC0/44 A William Moorcroft Orchid pattern vase on a dark blue vase,  showing a wine coloured flower one side and  multi coloured on the reverse. (shown) measuring 4" high by 3" wide. W Moorcroft signature paper label to bottom.

PRICE 200 (U.S. $360)

Item ref


A lovely "Simeon" Vase, decorated with large Hibiscus flowers,  measuring 8 1/2" high by 6" wide, bearing the impressed Moorcroft backstamp with date code "leaf", c 2001.

PRICE 220 (U.S. $375)

Item Ref MCH98/7 One of Moorcroft's beautiful Limited Edition Vases called "Spiraxia" designed and signed by Emma Bossons, measuring 11.5" high by 5.75" diameter.  Blue printed & impressed backstamp with "Jug" date stamp, copyright 1998, edition no 39 of 300.   Signed by Emma Bossons.

PRICE 850 (U.S. $1,350)

Items Ref.

Jar MC99/286

Dish MC98/301


Two items in the very popular "Poppy", discontinued in 1998.   Moorcroft impressed and Printed backstamps.

Ginger Jar with lid, measuring 4.5" high by 3.75" diameter. Printed 1996 stamp. price 150 (U.S. $240)

Pin Dish - 4.5" diameter,  date code for 98.  PRICE  50  (U.S. $80)

Item Ref MC98/110 A Moorcroft Triangular Ashtray in the Hibiscus pattern on a jade green ground. Impressed Moorcroft Backstamp.    Measures 5.5" c1960's  Crazing.

PRICE 38 (U.S. $80)