Item Ref N1H/00/1 A novelty Disney Mickey Mouse Money Box, measuring 6" x 5 1/2" with Walt Disney Productions stamped underneath.

PRICE 20 (US $30)

Item ref. N201/ This Carlton Ware "Lustre"  Pottery "Walking Ware  Miniature Teapot d only measures 3 1/4" high by 3 1/2" wide.   It has yellow shoes with blue polka dot socks & bears the black printed "Carlton England backstamp on one foot and "Lustre Design" on the other.     

PRICE 80 (U.S. $155)

Item ref N3 An unusual Carlton Ware "Judy" egg timer figure measuring 3 3/4" high with sand-filled glass timer and Carlton script painted backstamp.

PRICE 75 (110)

Item ref N40/136 A RARE SET OF 4 CARLTON WARE MODEL SOLDIERS -(all with gold Carlton "Hand painted" script backstamp) comprising -

Left - sold

Right - Coldstream Guards 1831 - measuring 10 3/4" high

PRICE - 135 EACH (U.S. $200)

Item Ref N50/136 Second set -

12TH Royal Lancers 1898 - measuring 10 1/2" high

10TH Royal Hussars  1831 - measuring 11" high

PRICE 110 each  (U.S. $ 200)

PRICE - SET OF 3 - 300 (U.S. $630)

Item ref


A very rare finely modelled porcelain Goldscheider and Myott figure of "Alice", measuring 6" by 4 1/2" wide.  Bears the Goldsheider with Myott printed backstamp.

PRICE 90 (U.S. $135)

N96/57 An unusual pair of Carlton Ware "Britannia" book ends, measuring 8" high by 4 1/2" wide each & bearing the Carlton blue script backstamp.  C1930's. Professional Restoration

PRICE - 50 PAIR (U.S. $100)

Item ref N10H0/01 One of the rare Carlton Ware Novelty Bell Set issued in the Art Deco era of the 1930's.  This bell is The Vicar, measuring 4" by 2 1/4" wide and bearing the black Carlton script mark inside the "skirt".  I do not know if this is the original "clanger" , but it "rings" correctly!

PRICE 80 (U.S. $145)


Item Ref


A pair of Novelty Carlton Ware Clown napkin rings, measuring 3 3/4" high by 3 " wide & bearing the Carlton script backstamp on each.  The paint on these rings is very susceptible to flaking and over the years many have been retouched. One of these has good paint but crazing - again very common, but the other has worn paint & minor "nibble" to feet ( not noticeable) .

PRICE 40 some crazing to figure) &  30 (Worn paint to figure) EACH or

PRICE 60 PAIR (U.S. $140)

Item Ref


Two Carlton Ware Vintage Morris Cars, one in grey and one in yellow. Both measure 5"" long by 2.25" wide.

PRICE EACH 45 (U.S. $80)

Item Ref


A very rare Art Deco Carlton Ware "Glacielle" figure of a lioness, measuring 11"wide by 6 1/2" long by 5 3/4" high, Felt to bottom.

PRICE 450 (U.S. $675)

Item ref N157/60 A very cute pair of Bears, hand painted porcelain - one dressed in bow tie and jacket and the other in skirt & blouse & carrying a basket, measuring approximately 3" by 3" each and carrying the rare Myott & Goldscheider backstamps on each.

PRICE 75 PAIR (U.S. $100)

Item Ref


I have a pair of these extremely rare pieces so few having been issued. Again from the innovative Lustre Pottery range,  a novelty "head"  egg cup on a very modernist shaped underplate.  The cup measures 3.25" high & the underplate 4.25" square and the head appears "emporer like"! .   There is a very tiny, minor fleabite on the edge of the underplate & a slight factory glaze colour mark on the cup on one set. Both the printed Carlton Ware and Lustre Pottery backstamps are on the bases of the cups and plates. This is a striking "minimalist" looking piece, a very unusual design and, as far as I am aware, very rare.  It is not even featured in the various Carlton books and even the Lustre Pottery design books.

PRICE 45 (per set) (U.S. $90) 90 PAIR


Item Ref


Another rare Carlton Ware "Lustre Pottery" novelty egg cup, called "The Boss", complete with its matching stand. The cup was modelled by Roger Michell for Carlton Ware in 1976 and is marked with bother Lustre Pottery and Carlton Ware's backstamps (in gold). The actual egg cup measures 3.5" by 3.75" and the stand 4.75" diameter.  The features and tie are printed in brown but the boss has blue eyes!  Condition is excellent with slight crazing.

PRICE 40 (U.S. $70)


Antiques for the 21st century!

Villeroy & Boch's very unusual & collectable "Animal Park" collection was created by the Viennese artist and multiple award winner Rosemarie Benedikt.  This collection,  only ran for a short period,  displays remarkable warmth and charm. Some are boisterous, others are comical, but all radiate their own unique energy. The collection was introduced in 1995 and only ran until 2000 when it was discontinued and because of the short production anything from this range has become highly collectible, proving that good quality, well designed items endure and increase in value -
Item Ref.






These three "Animal Park" Jars and lids are very well modelled and the brightly coloured decoration emphasises  Villeroy & Boch's amazing high quality. Any of these would make a wonderfully unusual present for an animal lover!

Right - Large "Olly" Owl lidded jar,  6.5" high x 4.25" wide, V&B printed backstamp PRICE 100(U.S. $180) SOLD

Left- Large Bunny Rabbit lidded jar, measuring 7" x 4.75", V&B printed backstamp.      PRICE 100 (U.S. $180)

Item Ref.





Two more amazing Villeroy & Boch discontinued "Animal Park" rare lidded jars -

Left - "Micky" Mouse lidded jar, measuring 5.75" x 3", V&B printed backstamp                PRICE 100 (U.S. $180)  SOLD

Right - "Pussy Cat" lidded jar, measuring 5" x 3" bearing the V&B printed backstamp. PRICE 100 (U.S. $180)SOLD

Item Ref.


Another comical "Animal Park" Statue, probably a paperweight.  A colourful Bunny measuring 3" x 2".  V&B printed backstamp, Rosemarie Benedikt signature.

PRICE 65 (U.S. $110)

Item Ref. NV.VB95/5 Another comical cat,  the larger version and - in colour!  These are rarer than the arty black and white version and measure nearly 7.5" high.    Similar decoration but more colour. V& B backstamp and Benedikt's signature.

PRICE 145 (U.S. $225)